Election Ward Candidates

Warwick District Council Elections 2003
01 May 2003
Leamington Willes
1,631 ( 30 spoilt papers)
4,842 (28.6 % Turnout)
Candidate NamePartyVote CountPercentage of VotesElected?
Cheryl Ann Flanagan
Labour Party 83617.27This Member is Elected Yes
Didar Singh Kundi
Labour Party 76115.72This Member is Elected Yes
Kailish Chander
Labour Party 73415.16This Member is Elected Yes
Edward Alexander Doyle
Conservative 4719.73 No
Kevin Mullally
Conservative 4078.41 No
John Leonard Peake
Conservative 3847.93 No
John Wilson
Liberal Democrat 3166.53 No
Jeffrey Michael Hannan
Liberal Democrat 2956.09 No
Andrew Stevenson
Green Party 2595.35 No
Patricia Elizabeth Wreford-Bush
Liberal Democrat 2485.12 No
Alison Claire Kime
Socialist Alliance Against the War 1312.71 No