Working Parties

Working Parties & Forums

Creative Quarter Members' Reference Group

Terms of Reference: Role The MRG has three main roles: (i) To enable Members to provide ongoing advice and support as the Creative Quarter develops and request issues to be raised with the Project Board. (ii) To enable Members to assist with risk assessment and management. (iii) To keep Members informed of progress with the Creative Quarter so that they can feedback to their groups outside of the formal decision making process. Representatives of the County Council and Town Council are expected to act as a key liaison for all of their Council Members. Membership and Structure The MRG will comprise of 8 Members – 6 from WDC, 1 from Warwickshire County Council and 1 from Leamington Town Council. The Leader of each political group at Warwick District Council will be invited to nominate a representative. Leaders may nominate themselves with the exception of the Leader of WDC (who is member of the Project Board). The Portfolio Holder for Business will also attend, in addition to those nominated by the Group Leader In addition the Leader of the County Council and the Leader of the Town Council will be invited to nominate a representative. The Leader of the County Council and the Leader of the Town Council may nominate themselves. The MRG will be Chaired by the Portfolio Holder for Business. A Chair will be appointed by the Group following the District Council elections. Communication and Meetings It is anticipated that communication will primarily take place via email. Face to face meetings will be held on a quarterly basis. Additional meetings may be held as required. Meetings will not be minuted but action points will be recorded and may be made publically available if requested. Officers from WDC will provide support to the MRG including attending and organising meetings. Relationship with Creative Quarter Governance The MRG replaces the Political Forum agreed as part of the Creative Quarter 3 month sign off.

Housing Advisory Group

To consider and advise Housing & Property Services on policy and practice relating to the way the Council discharges its duties and responsibilities. The HAG will help shape and influence policy and practice across the whole portfolio of Housing & Property Services activity. The HAG will provide an opportunity for Members and officers to share their experiences of receiving and providing services to inform and shape service development and delivery. The HAG will provide an opportunity for Members to feed into service development and delivery the knowledge, experience and proposal they receive from constituents. The HAG will allow the opportunity for all Ward members, through the elected members sitting on HAG, to have a role in shaping and influencing policy development and delivery. The HAG will provide support and advice as necessary to inform Performance and Budget Management of Housing & Property Services The HAG will meet four times a year. Additional meetings may be held as necessary. The HAG will be chaired by the Portfolio Holder for Housing & property Services and membership will consist of: 1Ten Councillors allocated by the group leaders on a proportionate basis. 2The Head of Housing & Property Services. 3The Housing Strategy and Development Manager 4Three tenant representatives – selection to be determined by the HAG elected members. Four members will form a quorum at each HAG meeting. Responsibility for servicing the board sits with the Housing Strategy and Development Team. The attendance of other Councillors, staff members of third parties will be by agreement in advance with the chair.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) Working Group

This Group looks at S106 and CIL incomes and processes, along with the content and progress of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

Members - Trades Unions Joint Consultation & Safety Panel

The functions of the Panel shall report to the Employment Committee through its minutes on the following: (i) To provide and maintain regular and effective lines of negotiation, consultation and communication between the Council and its employees; (ii) To consider and make recommendations to the Employment Committee on matters referred to it by either side of the Panel; (iii) To consider any matters referred to it by the Council and/or a committee of the Council; (iv) To receive and make recommendations on issues of health and safety, monitor reported accidents that occur on Council property; and (v) Recommend appropriate action.

Members' Development Group

To develop and monitor the members development programme

People Strategy Steering Group

As a sub-group of the Employment Committee, the People Strategy Steering Group supports People themes/priorities; reviews and assess whether the People Strategy is on track to realise its expected outcomes and benefits; and ensures continued alignment of the People Strategy with Fit for the Future.

Planning Forum

Forum for all Warwick District Councillors, local community groups along with town and parish councils to discuss planning matters.

Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Commissioning and Grants Panel

The working party is responsible for; overseeing and input into the performance monitoring and review of the current and new contracts; and to input into the development of future voluntary and community sector commissioning priorities for 2018 and beyond

Warwick District Conservation Advisory Forum

The Purpose of the Conservation Advisory Forum is to assist in protecting and enhancing the District's special historic and architectural character