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Stop privatisation of Leisure Centres
Petition has closed and a response from the council has been published.
...  not privatise our Leisure Centres


Warwick District Council, with cross-party support, is planning to invest £12m in upgrading and expanding our two main Leisure Centres in Warwick and Leamington. This should help local residents to keep active, improve their overall health, tackle problems such as obesity and to have fun. By sensible borrowing, better marketing and no real increase in charges, it looks affordable and should generate surpluses.
However the current Conservative administration wants to privatise the management of all Leisure facilities in the District at the same time.
The directly-employed staff who have successfully run the services and have played a key part in developing the new plans will be transferred to a private organisation. Their terms and conditions will be at risk.
Prices charged by a private operator are likely to rise, especially for annual memberships. Those with most to gain from our Leisure Centres may find them hard to afford.
The culture of serving the community and working closely with other local organisations will be put at risk by the arrival of a profit-maximising outside company.
Perhaps even worse, the private operator will enjoy all or most of the surpluses which will be generated over 15 years by a major public investment. These should be available for future spending on Leisure or other services within the District.
The inhouse team has shown it can deliver the efficiencies and revenues needed, as well as excellent services. They should be trusted to go on doing so.
Please sign by November 29th. The decision to privatise is being reconsidered over the following three days.
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Friday, 13 November 2015
Sunday, 13 December 2015
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
This petition was considered by a special meeting of Warwick District Council on 13 January 2016. The petition was referred to be considered by the Executive on 13 January 2016, along with the view of Councillors expressed that evening, in line with, item 8 on their agenda regarding the Management of Leisure Centres. Item 8 of the Executive agenda was asking them to reconsider their decision to outsource the Management of the District Council owned Leisure Centres. The Executive noted the contents of the Petition and the debate at Council on 13 January 2016 and chose to confirm their original decision to outsource the management of the District Council Leisure Centres. Graham Leach Democratic Services Manager
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