Council is responsible for setting the budget, council tax and signficiant policies for the area.
01 April 1973 - onwards
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05 May 202118:3020:30Town HallScheduled
28 July 202118:0020:00Town HallScheduled 
20 October 202118:0020:00Town HallScheduled 
24 November 202118:0020:00Town HallScheduled 
13 December 202118:0020:00Town HallScheduled 
23 February 202218:0020:00Town HallScheduled 
23 March 202218:0020:00Town HallScheduled 
11 May 202218:3020:30Town HallScheduled 


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
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Martyn Ashford Member 12/05/2015 - current
Liam Bartlett Member 02/05/2019 - current
Liberal Democrat
Alan Boad Member 19/05/2010 - current
John Cooke Member 12/05/2015 - current
Labour Party
Geraldine Cullinan Member 02/05/2019 - current
Green Party
Ian Davison Member 20/05/2015 - current
Andrew Day Member 12/05/2015 - current
Green Party
Alix Dearing Member 02/05/2019 - current
Green Party
John Dearing Member 02/05/2019 - current
Liberal Democrat
Kate Dickson Member 02/05/2019 - current

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